The Top 17 Rejected Titles for the Movie "Twister"

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(in case you didnt know, twister is a movie about a bunch of storm-chasers who do research on tornados.)

Totally Gone With The Wind
Lift and Separate
Boys on the Side – Of My Barn
Summer Film So Full of Special Effects We Couldnt Fit in the Plot
The Weather Channel: The Movie
Schindlers Twist
Field of Debris
Dead Man Flying
I, Cumulus
One House Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
The Splintered Bridges of Madison County
Wizard of Oz II: The Search For Toto
Killer Genuine Draft
Four Weddings & A Funnel
Indiana Jones and the Trailer Park of Doom
A Funnel Thing Happened On The Way To The Farm

and the Number 1 Rejected Title for the Movie Twister:

Roofless in Seattle

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