The Vet Delivers

There was a country doctor who was the only doctor for miles around. He wanted to go on a fishing trip so he called the vet and asked him to look after things while he was gone.

The vet asked, Is anything happening?

The doctor replied, Mrs. Jones is about due, but I dont think the baby will come before I get back. Anyway, if it does, just deliver it. This is her third and the first two went really easily.

The vet said, okay and the doctor went on the fishing trip.

When he returned, he called the vet. How did things go while I was gone? Pretty good. Did Mrs. Jones have her baby? Yes, it was a 8 pound boy. Everyones doing fine. Did you have any trouble? Well, there was just one little problem. What was that? I had a terrible time getting her to eat the afterbirth!

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