The Wizard of Oz

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At the edge of the forest there was a somewhat mediocre wizard. He is there to help the animals of the forest with some of their daily problems. One day a toad hops in.

The toad says Oh wizard, please help me. I was born with a yellow penis.

Ive told you animals, I cant help you with any big problems, responds the wizard. Youll have to go see the Wizard of Oz.

So the toad hops off on his merry little way. But in not too long an elephant enters the wizards pad.

Oh wizard, the elephant begins, please help me. I was born without a trunk.

Now the wizard is infuriated. Dont you stupid animals ever listen!!! Take your damn big problems to the wizard of Oz!

The elephant responds But, wizard how do I get to the Wizard of Oz?

Oh thats easy, says the wizard. Just follow the yellow dicked toad!

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