There is an English, Irish

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There is an English, Irish and Scotsman on a plane flying over Europe. Suddenly
they are in the midst of a massive storm. Lightning rears its ugly head and
strikes the planes wings. The plane begins its final spiraling decent towards
the ground.

At this point the pilot leaps out wearing the only parachute. This causes the
three terrified men do go down on their knees and pray like never before.

Just then the LORD appears….

Your prayers have been answered! Since you have all been good christians
I give you one more chance at life! Jump from the plane and whatever you say
you shall become! So be it!

And with that he was gone.

The Englishman ran for the exit and leapt out….

A bird! The Englishman turned into a beautiful Eagle and soared safely
towards the ground where he became a man again.

The Scotsman leapt out ….

A….Parachute! The Scotsman floated gently to the ground where he
to normal form.

The Irish man ran towards the exit and tripped and stumbled head first out of
the plane…


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