There was a woman who was interested in getting a boob job.

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She went to her doctor, Dr. Smith, and questioned him about implants. He explained that, before doing anything too serious, there is a method that has worked for a lot of patients. Every morning when you wake up rub your boobs and say, Scoobie doobie doobie, give me bigger boobies, he tells her. She did this faithfully for weeks and noticed one day that they actually were getting bigger, she was very impressed. One morning she woke up, late for work and very rushed. By the time she got on the bus she realized that she forgot to go through her routine. So standing on the bus, while rubbing her boobs she says Scoobie doobie doobie, give me bigger boobies. The man standing next to her says, You go to Dr. Smith? Yes, she said, how did you know? He replies Hickory dickory dock!

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