Things Youll Never Hear a Mom Say

  • Be good and for your birthday Ill buy you a motorcycle!
  • How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?
  • Dont bother wearing a jacket–its quite warm out.
  • Let me smell that shirt–yeah, its good for another week.
  • I think a cluttered bedroom is a sign of creativity.
  • Yeah, I used to skip school, too.

  • Just leave all the lights on…it makes the house more

  • Could you turn the music up louder so I can enjoy it, too?
  • Run and bring me the scissors! Hurry!

  • Aw, just turn these undies inside out. No one will ever

  • I dont have a tissue with me–just use your sleeve.

  • Well, if Timmys Mom says its okay, thats good enough for

  • Of course you should walk to school and back. Whats the
    big deal about having to cross a few main streets?

  • My meeting wont be over till later tonight. You kids
    dont mind skipping dinner, do you?

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