Three young candidates for the

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Three young candidates for the priesthood are told by the
Monsignor they have to pass one more test: The Celibacy
Test. The Monsignor leads them into a room, and tells them
to undress, and a small bell is tied to each mans penis.

In comes a beautiful woman, wearing a sexy belly-dancer
costume. She begins to dance sensually around the first


Oh, Patrick, says the Monsignor, I am so disappointed
in your lack of control. Go take a long, cold shower and
pray about your carnal weakness. The candidate leaves.

The dancer continues, dancing around the second candidate,
slowly peeling off her layers of veils. As the last veil


Joseph, Joseph, sighs the Monsignor. You too are unable
to withstand your carnal desires. Go take a long, cold shower
and pray for forgiveness.

The dancer continues, dancing naked in front of the final
candidate. Nothing. She writhes up and down against his
body. No response. Finally, exhausted, she quits.

Michael, my son, I am truly proud of you, says the Monsignor.
Only you have the true strength of character needed to become
a priest. Now, go and join your weaker brethren in the showers.


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