Tiger woods in bed.

On their wedding night the new couple are just about to do the deed when the wife tells her new husband that she has a confession.

I lied when I told you I was a virgin. I have been with one other man she tells her new hubby.

The new husband asks if it was anyone he knows?.

The wife answers …well maybe!

Husband asks who it was.

The wife answers – it was Tiger Woods.

Since the only other person his new bride every slept with was the famous Tiger Woods, hes not at all upset and they get down to it and do the honeymoon thing. When finished, the husband gets out of bed and reaches for the telephone.

What are you doing? asked his bride.

Im calling for room service. After all that work Im hungry!

The wife says, Tiger wouldnt do that.

Really! Just what would TIGER do? says the husband.

Well we would do it again!

Ok says the husband and jumps into the bed.

This same thing happens two more times,after which the guy is pretty tired.

So he drags himself out of bed and gets to the telephone.

The wife says..youre not calling room service are you!!!!

NO, says the exhausted hubby!

Well who are you calling then, she asks.

Im calling Tiger Woods…

I want to see what par is for this hole!

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