Tiger Woods vs. Stevie Wonder!

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At a celebrity party, Stevie Wonder meets golf champ Tiger Woods and mentions that he, too, is an excellent golfer.

Tiger is a bit skeptical that the blind musician can play golf well, but hes too polite to say anything.

When I tee off, the singer explains, I have a guy call to me from the green. My sharp sense of hearing lets me aim.

Tiger is impressed, and Stevie suggests that they play a round.

When Tiger agrees, Stevie asks, How about if we play for $100,000?

Tiger insists he couldnt possibly play him for money because of his sight handicap.

But Stevie argues and badgers Tiger until Tiger finally relents and says, OK, its your money… when do you want to play?

Stevie replies, Ill play on any NIGHT you choose!

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