Today is my birthday

I woke up early feeling a little depressed because it was my birthday, and I thought, Another year older, but decided to make the best of it.

So I showered and shaved, knowing when I went down to breakfast my wife would greet me with a big kiss and say Happy Birthday, dear.

All smiles, I went into breakfast and there sat my wife reading the newspaper as usual. She didnt say one word. So I got myself a cup of coffee and thought to myself, oh well, she just forgot.

The kids will be in in a few minutes all cheery and they will sing Happy Birthday and have a nice gift for me. There I sat, enjoying my coffee, and I waited.

Finally the kids came running in yelling, Give me a slice of toast, Im late, Where is my coat, and Im going to miss the bus. Feeling more depressed than ever, I left for the office.

When I walked into the office, my secretary greeted me with a smile and a Happy Birthday, Boss and said, Ill get you some coffee. Her remembering made me feel a lot better.

Later in the morning my secretary knocked on my office door, and said, Since its your birthday why dont we have lunch together.

Thinking it would make me feel better, I said, Thats a good idea.

So we locked up the office, and since it was my birthday I said, Why dont we drive out of town and have lunch in the country instead of going to the usual place.

So we drove out of town and went to a little out-of-the-way place and had a couple of martinis and a nice lunch, and started driving back to town, when my secretary said, Why dont we go to my place and I will fix you another martini.

It sounded like a good idea, since we didnt have anything to do in the office anyway. So we went to her apartment and she fixed us both a martini and after a while she said If you will excuse me, I think I will slip into something more comfortable, and she left the room.

In six minutes, she opened her bedroom door and came out carrying a big birthday cake and following her was my wife and all my kids, and there I sat with nothing on but my socks!!!

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