Top 10 Reasons…John Glenn

Top 10 Reasons No One Wants to go into Space with John Glenn again:

10. The horror of seeing the effects of G-Forces on wrinkles.

9. Kept using the Hubble to find his glasses.

8. Everytime he sneezed, his teeth flew out.

7. Forgot where he was each morning, kept grabbing for Scott while calling

him Annie.

6. Constantly complaining about being Stiff all over while eyeing


5. Couldnt get him to stop doing the Viagra experiment.

4. When warned, Theres a Meteor Shower ahead, he thought they said,

Shower cause hed peed the bed.

3. Couldnt seem to ever attach his urinal bag properly.

2. Theres a real good reason why we call old men Old Farts.

1. The Prunetang worked, but the Depends didnt.

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