Top 10 things you dont want to hear from you real estate agent when you go to settlement on your ne

1. I think unexplained crop circles add a unique flair to any homes garden.

2. Actually, its only the rear portion of the yard that overlaps the ancient Indian burial ground.

3. Yes, the last owner did donate the house to the Hells Angels, but Im told that the judge has ordered them not to come within 50 feet of it.

4. One bleeding toilet doesnt necessarily mean its haunted.

5. Your neighbour has assured me that, technically, theyre not killer bees.

6. Even if there was a full-scale mudslide, its unlikely that it would reach as far back as your property.

7. Its quite common for roaches to grow that big even when not in the presence of radioactivity.

8. Did you know that the band Grave Raper holds their practice sessions right next door?

9. Its true that they died in the house, but the prosecutor was never actually able to prove it was murder.

10. You can barely hear the sheet metal factory at night.

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