Top 10 Ways to Combat Boredom

Recently one of my friends was complaining about being bored stiff with
the daily routine. So heres my own solution to the problem
(with apologies to David Letterman).

10. Design and implement Ada++

9. Start a campaign to move the Grand Canyon out of Arizona

8. Yell nasty things to friendly neighborhood gangsters while jogging at 3 am

7. Make obscene phone calls to 1-900-FONE-SEX

6. Get to know the inside of your nose

5. Play tackle football with the Eagles defensive line

4. Suggest new alliances with Middle Eastern terrorist states to President Bush

3. Practice ventriloquism by saying Hit me at blackjack tables in Las Vegas

2. Research material for term paper The Musical Genius of Milli Vanilli

1. Ponder on the question that has stumped philosophers for years:
What makes teflon stick to the frying pan?

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