Top 11 ways to have fun while driving

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11. Speak in a weird language. When they say they dont understand you say Me no speak English10. Keep cutting someone off. When they yell at you say they made me do it!9. Pick a car out and follow it. When the driver looks at you say Hey wait a minute. Youre not Dad!8. If someone flicks you off look inside your car and yell back Youre right. It IS 1 oclock.7. Whenever a car trys to pass you yell Oh, its on, and pass them back.6. Whenever you see someone speed, go WHHHHOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO like a siren and follow them. 5. When someone asks for directions, point both ways. 4. When someone yells an obscenity at you say Is that you, Russell Jones? Cause if it is, im telling yo momma!3. Ask other drivers if were over the border yet. Signify that you want them to say yes.2. Two Words: Egg Salad1. My Personal Favorite: Whenever one of those guys playing really loud rap is next to you at a traffic light, roll down the windows and play classical music even louder.

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