Top 15 Masochistic Past times

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Removing the back cover from a t.v. while its on.
Practicing home dentistry with a nail gun.
Hammering nails (fingernails).
Eating a roll of tin foil for lunch.
Head buting pit bulls.
Body piercing with a rivet gun.
Flossing with barbed wire.
Paying taxes early.
ump starting nipples with a DieHard(tm) battery.
Going to Mary Kay Cosmetics meetings.
Playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.
Giving yourself a 4 gallon (or appropriate metric conversion) ice water enema.
Setting the Guiness Book record for papercuts – followed by an alcohol bath.
Picking the jokes for HUUMOR.COM website.

And the #1 masochistic past-time is…..


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