Top ten Daves new years resolutions

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Cheese-filled weenies
  2. Raise financial backing for my one man ice show – Davecapades!
  3. Turn in Uzi for shiny new bicycle
  4. Tape all the NFL games on CBS
  5. Return camera number 3 to NBC
    (Here, Dave shows camera number 3 – with an NBC logo on the side)
  6. Stop laughing every time I say The Fox Network
  7. Have applause sign installed in my bedroom
  8. To always remain loyal to this fine network – unless another network comes up with some more money
  9. Learn to teeterboard nude
    (This entry is completed with a clip of senior citizens teeterboarding naked)
  10. Four words: Mrs. Kathie Lee Letterman

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