Top ten online lies

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10. Im in this private room consoling a depressed friend.9. Youre different…Ive never felt like this about someone Ive never met before.8. Im new online and havent had time to create a profile…but tell me more
about yourself.7. I never do cybersex!! Yet here in this room alone with you, well Im getting excited6. Yes of course Im female.5. No this is my only screen name….You mean you can have more then one?4. Im 54, blonde hair, blue eyes and guys love my body! Male version is Im 60, great tan,
and buffed from working out3. Im not like most of the guys here, I just want to meet so we can just have coffee and
get to know each other (at the hotel coffee shop)2. I dont care what you look like, its whats on the inside that counts (Which is true,
except it means Im horny and could care less, just type)1. Tonight my love…our souls have touched.

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