Top Ten Reasons Surfing the Web is MORE FUN than WATCHING the OJ Trial

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Here are the final results of the February Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary(tm) TOP TEN Contest. The list is compiled from vistors to the SuperLibrary at

Winners to the monthly contest are awarded prizes from the SuperLibrary.

Dont need any commentators to tell me what I just saw on the Web.
Mystery envelope only contains beta version of Windows 95.
Judge Itos laptop is actually running Netscape to pass the time during boring testimony.
No flames from Marcia Clark.
Judge Ito cant suppress URLs.
The WWW release of OJs new book, I want to HTML you.
No pesky station identifier at the lower right of the screen.
My web connection runs slightly faster than O.J.s Bronco.
Dan Rather cant interrupt the Web with a special bulletin.

And the number one reason surfing the Web is more fun than watching the OJ trial:

If you click on Judge Ito, you wont get cited for contempt.

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