Top ten signs youre tired of The Olympics

  1. All thats left of your Olympic fever is a dry hacking cough
  2. You imagine your hands around the throat of that Coke-drinking polar bear
  3. You say, Oh good, Hangin with Mr. Cooper is on tonight
  4. Whenever the Olympic theme music ends you find youve put another fork into the back of your hand
  5. Youre NBC President Warren Littlefield
  6. You decide against naming your baby girl Picabo
  7. Your name is Bonnie Blair and youve starting using your five gold medals as coasters
  8. Actually watched The Jackson Family Honors
  9. You beg your son to let you return to Indiana

    (Daves mom is stationed in Lillehammer as the Olympic correspondent for the Late Show)

  10. No longer laugh at the name Gillooly

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