Traffic warden giving a parking ticket to a priest

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The local priest returns to his car to find a traffic warden in the process of giving him a parking ticket.

Priest: Hello there, you couldnt see youre way clear to forgetting about that could you, my son.

TW: Sorry, farther, once Ive started filling the form in Ive got to finish

Priest: Thats OK. Its my fault. I parked in the wrong place.

TW: Thats very good of you, we usually get all kinds of abuse in these circumstances.

Priest: Wouldnt here of such a thing, after all it was my fault. Were having a tea party this weekend would you like to come?

TW: Well, that is good of you, farther. Yes, Ill be there. Its so refreshing to talk to someone who understands the position Im in.

Priest: Maybe you would like to bring youre mother and farther along, as well, and I could marry them!

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