Two Old Ladies

Two old ladies stood waiting for a bus when one pulls out a pack of condoms, cuts the end off one and puts it over her cigerette before lighting it.

Her friend seeing what she has done says What is that over your fag?

She replied Its a condom. I bought them the other day and whenever its raining I put one of these over my fag and it doesnt get wet.

Oh replied the friend Where can I get some of those?

Any chemist her friend replied you can get packs of 3, 6, or 12

The bus came and when they got to the town the second friend makes her way to the chemist to buy some condoms and asks the lady behind the till for some condoms.

Giving a little smirk the lady says and what size would you like thinking for a moment the old lady replies big enough to fit a camel please.

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