Variation on Mistaken Identity

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This is a variation on another posted joke entitled, Mistaken Identity.

Brochstein walks up to a man in the street, taps him on the shoulder and when the man turns, he sends him sprawling to the ground with a solid zetz to the nose. He then says, take that, Rosenzweig, you lousy mamzer!! The victim replies, You think youre such a big man huh? Well, I bet you arent man enough to hit me again. Brochstein then lands an even more powerful blow. The victim says come on you feigele, lets see if you are man enough to really beat me up!

Brochstein gives the fellow a frightful thrashing and with his last ounce of stregnth, after being pummeled, the bleeding victim giggles and then manages to laugh even more heartily. Brochstein looks at him quizically and the beaten man somehow summons the effort to whisper to Brochstein, The joke is on you, Im not Rosenzweig, Im Horowowitz!

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