Waking up from Coma

A man was visiting his wife in hospital where she has been in a coma for several
years. On this visit he decides to rub her left breast instead of just talking
to her. On doing this she lets out a sigh.

The man runs out and tells the doctor who says this is a good sign and suggests
he should try rubbing her right breast to see if there is any reaction. The man
goes in and rubs her right breast and this brings a moan from his wifes mouth.

Again, the man rushes out to tell the doctor who says this is a very positive
sign. He suggests the man should go in and try oral sex, saying he will wait
outside as it is a personal act and he doesnt want the man to be embarrassed.

The man goes in, then comes out about five minutes later, white as a sheet and
tells the doctor his wife is dead. The doctor asks what happened to which the
man replies: She choked.

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