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Once there was this guy, lets call him Fred, who had a very small penis. Poor Fred thought if only he had larger equipment then maybe the chicks would like him more.

One day Fred went into the mens room and a very short man dressed in green was standing there peeing. Well, Fred couldnt help but notice what an enourmous penis the man had and he said as much. How did it get so big? he asked incredulously.

With magic, the man replied, I am a leprechaun.

Fred was amazed. Can you make mine that big?

The leprechaun could and said he would if Fred would only do him a small favor…to bend over and let him have his way with Fred. Fred agreed and did so. When they were finished he pulled his pants back up and stood.

How old are you boy? the man in green asked as he stood at the door.

Thirty. Why?

Youre thirty years old and you still believe in leprechauns?

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