WASP jokes – offensive to someone out there

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[Ed: This is the best of the wasp joke collections I have seen. Im sure
there are more, but youre too late. ]

Q: Why did God create WASPs?
A: Someone has to buy retail!

Q: What do WASPs think Zimbabwe Rhodesia is?
A: A wide receiver for the Houston Oilers.

Q: How can you tell if a WASP is sexually excited?
A: The stiff upper lip.

Q: Whats an American WASPs idea of open-mindedness?
A: Dating a Canadian.

Q: What does a little WASP girl want to be when she grows up?
A: The very best person I possibly can.

Q: Whats a WASPs idea of social security?
A: An ancestor on the Mayflower.

Q: Why did the WASP cross the street?
A: To get to the middle of the road.

Q: What happens when four WASPs find themselves in the same room?
A: A dinner party.

Q: What do WASPs think of the Mideast situation?
A: Well, Newport is all right, but EVERYbody goes to the Cape.

Q: How does a WASP propose marriage?
A: How would you like to be buried with my people?

Q: Whats a WASPs idea of affirmative action?
A: Hiring South American jockeys.

Q: What do WASPs say after sex?
A: Thank you very much. Im sorry. It wont happen again.

Q: Whats a WASPs definition of conspicuous consumption?
A: A Sunfish with a spinnaker.

Q. What do you call a WASP with a four-inch prick?
A. Well hung.

Q. How can you tell when a WASP is dead?
A. He lets go of his wallet.

Q. What do you call a WASP virgin?
A. You cant. Her numbers unlisted.

Q. Whats a WASPs favourite song?
A. Im Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Q. What does a professional WASP call her boss?
A. Daddy

Q: How many WASPS does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Three. Two to mix the martinis and one to call the electrician.

Q: What is a WASP menage a trois?
A: Two headaches and one hard-on.

Q: Why do WASPs play golf?
A: So they can dress like pimps.
–Andrea Zastrow

Q. What is the definition of a WASP?
A. Someone who gets out of the shower to take a leak.


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