Wax job

I met a guy in Las Vegas who really looked down in the dumps, and I asked him if hed been cleaned out at the casinos.

He said, Its worse than that. I blew almost all my dough, and then I was propositioned by this really great looking hooker as I was walking along the Strip.

I told her I was nearly broke, and she said, For sure youve still got a hundred bucks for a quick one, but I said, Nope – dont have near that much.

Well, how about fifty bucks for a blow job?

And I said, Nope – dont have fifty bucks left.

Well then, she says, I can let you have a hand job for $25.

And I said, Really, Id love to, but I dont even have that much left.

So she says, How about a wax job for five bucks? And I tell her Ive never heard of a wax job, but she says, Whadda ya got to lose? and we go behind a parked car in Ballys parking lot.

So, I give her the five dollars and she kicks me in the nuts so hard the wax blows out of my ears.

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