Wedding Prank

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These three friends, a Dentist, a Carpenter, and an Electrician were sitting around trying to decide what prank to pull on a mutual friend. Their friend was getting married soon, and his good buddies just felt compelled to play some prank, as all good buddies would.

After sitting around brainstorming for a while, the Electrician had a thought, I know! I know! I can wire the bed so that when our friend and his new bride sit on it and touch one another, theyll get a good shock.

The Carpenter perked up and added, and I can rig the bed so that when they get shocked and jump apart, the bed will collapse.

The Dentist just sat in silence, because he couldnt think of a thing to do.

After the fortunate couples wedding and honeymoon, the groom called his friends together for a chat. He said to them, Well, when we sat on the bed and got a shock, it wasnt that bad. And then when we jumped apart and the bed fell in, we had a good laugh. But whos bright idea was it to put the Novacaine in the Vaseline?!?!?!?!?

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