Well Screwed

A traveller and his wife leave their hotel room and go to the lobby to check out. The traveller puts down a $50 bill and asks for a receipt. The clerk says that his total bill is $75. The traveller explains that the sign advertises all rooms $50/night, tax included. He insisted that his bill is only $50 since he didnt make any telephone calls, didnt charge anything in the restaurant and didnt use the mini bar. The clerk advised that its for the food that comes with every room.

But we didnt consume any of the food, said the traveller.

Well thats too bad. It was there and we charge for it, said the clerk.

Well then, you owe $75, said the traveller.

What for? said the clerk.

For screwing my wife last night, said the traveller.

The clerk explained that he didnt touch his wife.

Well to bad, she was there!


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