What Can I Get?

A man walks into a pharmacy and goes to the counter. Standing behind the counter is a young woman.

May I speak to the pharmacist? he asks. Well, she replies, I am the pharmacist.

He looks very uncomfortable, and asks for a *male* pharmacist, as he has a male problem.

She informs him that only she and her sister work at this particular establishment.

He blushes and says, Well, I really do need help, so I guess Ill ask you… I have a problem. I have a constant erection, and nothing I do seems to get rid of it. Its been like this for three months now. Can you give me anything for it?

The woman looks thoughtful, and says, Hold on, Ill go in back and ask my sister.

After a couple of minutes she returns and says, Well give you half of the business and its profits, but thats all we can give you for it…

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