What is 3+1? (Sanitized for your protection)

[The following is from rec.humor]

Engineer:4.0000000 x 10^0
Accountant:4, before taxes.
Statistician:95% probability that it falls between 3.9 and 4.0 using student T distributions.
Doctor:I will need to do more tests to be sure.
Lawyer:How much do you want it to be?
Math Prof.:f(x) = 4 u(x) where x>= 0
Marketing:We believe that people prefer the number 3 to the number 4, so the answer WILL be 3 !
Computer sales:4, and it is backwards compatible with 3 and 1 too!
Politician:We are funding a multimillion dollar research study to best determine how to procede…
SAT writer:4, unless you do poorly in math (in which case you are correct).
Car Sales:5. But tell you what, I like you, so I will knock it down to 4 (just dont tell my boss.)

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