Who doesnt know benny?

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A guy named Benny is sitting in a bar mouthing off that he knows everybody. So his buddy bets $10 the next person to walk in the bar didnt know him. Somebody walks in the bar and says Hey Benny whats up? so the guy then bets him $100 he doesnt know the first person they see outside walking down the street. So they go outside and see some coming up to the bar and says Hey Benny how are things going?. Flustered the guy bets him $500 he doesnt know the President. So they drive up to the white house and the security guard says Benny you know you cant just show up here like this. Then a limo pulls up with the president in it and he rolls down the window and says Hey Benny how have you been? So then he bets him $1000 he doesnt know the Pope. So they take a plane down to Rome and he says Ok now watch up there on that balcony Im gonna come out there with the Pope. So he goes up there and looks down to see his friend pass out. He goes down there and says Are you that surprised that I know the Pope? he goes No somebody walked behind me and said whos that guy up there with Benny!

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