Why Do You Wear Your Collar That Way? (adult)

An old Jewish man was once on the subway and he sat down next to a younger man. He noticed that the young man had a strange kind of shirt collar. Having never seen a priest before, he asked the man, Excuse me sir, but why do you have your shirt collar on backwards?

The priest became a bit flustered but politely answered I wear this collar because I am a Father.

The Jewish man thought a second and responded Sir I am also a Father but I wear my collar front-ways. Why do you wear your collar so differently?

The priest thought for a minute and said Sir, I am the father for many.

The Jewish man quickly answered I too am the father of many. I have four sons, four daughters and too many grandchildren to count. But I wear my collar like everyone else does. Why do you wear it your way?

The priest who was beginning to get exasperated thought and then blurted out Sir, I am the father for hundreds and hundreds of people.

The Jewish man was taken aback and was silent for a long time. As he got up to leave the subway train, he leaned over to the priest and said Mister, maybe you should wear your pants backwards.

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