Wifes First Deer

A man takes his wife out deer hunting for the first time. Its early in the morning and the husband is explaining the rules to his wife, Now, remember these woods have a lot of greedy people in them, so if you shoot a deer, run right over to it and guard it. If you dont, someone else will take your deer away.
The wife nods okay.
And, if you get in trouble, shoot your gun in the air three times. Ill be there as soon as I can.
And again the wife nods okay.
Now, this is what were going to do. See that ridge to your right? Youre going to sit on top of that one, and I will sit on this one to the left. They both agree and go to their seperate ways.
About thirty minutes after sunrise, the husband hears a gunshot come from the ridge his wife is sitting on. He thinks to himself, Cool, her first time out deer hunting and she gets one!
Five more minutes pass, and he hears three gunshots come from the other ridge. He thinks, Oh, great. Now shes in trouble. Being the good husband he was, he ran over to the other ridge.
As he reached the top, he came into a clearing where his wife was holding off another man with her gun. The man is pleading with the wife, saying, Okay, lady, hes a deer, and hes yours, just let me get my saddle off.

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