Willie Hillbilly

(to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song)
From CyberLaughs
Dere once was a story bout a man named Bill,
da poor president couldnt keep his willie still.
Then one day he was working at his desk
When in comes Monica and shows him her chest.

Boobs, that is. Two of em. Bodacious ta tas…
Yall kneel down now, ya hear?

Well da next ting ya know Monicas on her knees
Mouth open wide and happy as you please.
Bill says, Oh yeah dont say a ting
If you do a good job well have a fling.

Blow job, that is. White House scandal…

Well Bill lost his cool and he came upon her dress.
He said clean it up cuz you really look a mess.
And youre invited here to this locality,
to have a heaping helping of little Willie C.

Week after week Monicas on her knees
Keeping little Willie C as happy as you please.
Then one day she contains herself no more
She let out her story about being a White House whore.

Bad girl that is, blow jobs and bodacious ta tas…

Now we know loose lips sink ships and Monicas a whore.
Hillary is still a bitch, and Bill is still a bore.
The countrys in the toilet and the people cry No More!
But if we oust the cheating jerk we have to live with Gore.

Boob that is, one great big one. Got his head stuck in a tree…

So now you heard the story bout our Preserdent.
Wonderin if dis little fling will cost him every cent.
So da moral of da story is to do it quietly.
Dont lust for your interns sexual hospitality.


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