Windows 95 Look-and-Feel Lawsuit

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Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur, Elder Attorneys.

To: Microsoft Lawyers, Inc.
Our agents among the mortal herd have brought to Our attention your recent
product entitled Windows 95. Therefore We now give you statutory notice of
intent of proceedings to be taken against Microsoft by the Many-Angled Ones.
With this suit We will show that Windows 95, and to a lesser extent all of
the Microsoft range of products, infringe upon the recognised look-and-feel
of the Elder Gods, for the following reasons:

Windows 95 is a crawling abomination from the darkest pits of Hell;
No man can be in its presence for too long without being driven into
gibbering insanity;
A cult who worship it exist in secret amongst the mortal herd;
Those who associate with it for too long develop common physical
characteristics, to wit: pale, clammy skin, bulging eyes, generally
unkempt physical appearance, tendency towards nocturnal living, change
in diet to that which normal men do not eat (in your case tacos, burgers
and Jolt Coke; in Ours, human flesh, Fungi of Yuggoth and the blood of
Alien Gods);
Mysterious tomes that purport to explain this phenomenon are reputed to
exist; they are bound in an unnatural substance and only available at
a terrible cost to the user.
The Microsoft range of products seek to utterly dominate the world, and
force all who dwell there to live in eternal damnation.

As you can see, Our case is very strong, especially when you consider that
most judges prefer not to have chittering things with tentacles for faces
scoop out their brains and eat them.
We hope you will consider these points carefully and settle out of court,
since it is not Our intention to have your senior partners spend the rest
of their mercifully short lives under heavy sedation in a maximum security
psychiatric hospital. After all, it was the Lords of the Outer Planes who
gave humanity lawyers in the first place.
Respectfully yours,

pp. J. Arthur Hastur, LL.B., B.C.L, B.D

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