Womens grasp of english

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Yes = No

No = Yes

Maybe = No

Im sorry = Youll be sorry.

We need. = I want

Its your decision = The correct decision should be obvious by now.

Do what you want = Youll pay for this later.

We need to talk = I need to complain.

Sure, go ahead = I dont want you to.

Im not upset = Of course Im upset, you moron!

Youre . . . so manly = You need a shave and new deodorant.

Youre cretainly attractive tonight = Is sex all you ever think about?

Be romantic, turn out the lights = I have flabby thighs

This kitchen is so incovenient = I want a new house

I want new curtains = I noticed you were almost asleep.

Do you love me? = Im going to ask for something expensive.

How much do you love me? = I did something today youre really not going to like.

Ill be ready in a minute = Kick off your shoes find a good game on TV

Is my butt fat? = Tell me Im beautiful

You have to learn to communicate = Just agree with me

Are you listening to me!? = Too late, youre dead

Was that the baby? = Get out of bed and walk him until he goes to sleep.

Im not yelling! = es, I am yelling, because I think this is important

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