A bus stops to let on an attractive lady who, without saying a word, steps aboard, puts her right thumb to her nose and wiggles her fingers at the driver.

The driver responds by putting his right thumb to his nose and his left thumb to the palm of his right hand while wiggling his eight fingers. At this, the woman looks confused and in silence grabs her boobs.

The driver, growing impatient, clutches his balls, Michael Jackson-style. The woman then turns around, grabs her ass and struts off the bus.

A regular passenger at the front of the bus says to the driver, Bob, Ive been riding your bus for quite a few years now and Ive never seen anything as vulgar as this! Im going to have to start taking a different route.

Youve got it wrong, Bob says. That woman was deaf. She asked me if this bus was headed for 5th Street and I said, No, 10th Street. Then she asked if it went to the Dairy Mart. I told her it went to the ball park. Finally she said, Shit, Im on the wrong bus, and left.

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