Yet another East German joke

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(J. Daniel Smiths East German joke the other day reminded of this one.
Bill Fason told it to me a few years ago. –DG)

One night, Erich Honnecker was in the bedchamber having some pillow talk
with his mistress. He was in a magnanimous mood and offered her a
present of her choice.

She thought about his offer for a moment and then replied, Oh, Erich,
if there is one thing I would like you to do for me, it is this: open
the borders just for one day.

Honnecker said, Of course, my dear, but was a bit puzzled by her
request. He asked, But why would you have me do such a thing?

The mistress replied, I want to be alone with you.

[Ed: This joke was from early 1989–prophetic, or what?]

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