You Know Youre in New York City When…

You Know Youre in New York City When…

1. Nuns walk down the street carrying automatic weapons.

2. You can run into the corner deli and have an eat-in lunch with dessert in the time it takes to cross the intersection of 8th and 42nd at rush hour.

3. A flying saucer can pass overhead and you hear the locals say, Ack. More damned aliens.

4. The aroma of smoked meat is able to counteract the smell of smog and pollution.

5. The priest in the cadillac behind you gives you the finger for cutting him off.

6. You pass a convenience store advertising Free green cards, no questions asked.

7. The gas station attendants actually speak English.

8. The unearthly pounding of the cranked up bass in the El Camino next to you is drowned out by the cabshonking their horns.

9. A person with rainbow striped hair can pass bywithout anyone staring.

10. The bumper sticker on the senior citizens car in front of you reads, Warning: I break for pedestrians.

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