You know youre unloved if …

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You know youre unloved if …

  • when you were born, your Father gave out old cigar butts

  • as a baby, your Father threw you in the air and walked away

  • you find out your Mother is nursing another baby on the side

  • your tub toys included a toaster shaped like a rubber duck

  • your folks threw a going-into-the-Army party when you were 3

  • you run away, and the family cant give the Police a description

  • you were always stood-up at the Father-Son banquet at Church

  • kidnappers send back your ear & your parents demand more proof

  • you play hide & seek with Mom and she hides in another town

  • your parents take you to an orphanage and tell you to mingle

  • you had to share your sandbox with the cat

  • you always got your allowance in Travelers Checks

  • you join the marching band in school and they give you a piano

  • you take a girl to the Tunnel of Love & she makes you swim

  • you were the only candidate for Class President & came in fifth

  • the only thing your girl wants out of your relationship is her

  • your kids file a paternity suit against you

  • the surgeon operating on you says, Ill take all calls.

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