Bill Gate – God

A poor employee had been suffering dreadfully during the building of Gates infamous new home. The poor architect had used Linux to undertake the interior and the wrath of Gates had fallen upon him.

This guy was so distressed at the thought of using Windows in a design environment that he just got up one day and took his own life.

He reappears at the gates of heaven where St.Peter is sitting with his clipboard. Nervously he walks up to St.Peter.Ah, St.Peter says, youre the poor fellow who suffered at the hands of Gates. Dont worry, youre in heaven now. Everything is allright.

Still quivering, the poor architect says: At last, thats wonderfull. But you promise me that Bill Gates wont appear here.

St.Peter lets out a broad laugh: Is the Pope Catholic ? You know what they say about rich men, needles and camels … anyhow, we use Amigas …

Then, suddenly, beyond the pearly gates a familiar figure appears. The poor architect falls into an apoplectic fit: Look, look, you told me hed never find a place in heaven, but its him.

St.Peter turns around to see the sight. Ah, no my son, thats God, he just thinks hes Bill Gates …


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