Blonde in space rocket

The NASA is launching a rocket to the moon. On board there are two pigs and Kiki, a stunning blond.

When the rocket is outside the stratosphere, the first stage drops off. Contact is made: Houston here, Pig 1, Pig 1, do you read us, over.

Oink, oink, here Pig1, read you loud and clear

Pig 1, do you still know your instructions?

Yes, when we get to the moon, I press the red button to initiate the moon landing, over.

Thats right. Over and out.

They go on until the rocket separates its booster stage. Hallo, Pig2, Here Houston, come in please.

Oink, oink, here Pig 2, read you loud and clear.

OK, Pig 2 do you remember your instructions?

Yes, when weve landed on the moon and are ready to leave, I press on the green button to initiate the launch program.

Thats right. Over and out.

An hour later when the rocket has achieved the correct speed the last stage drops off as planned. Ground control contacts the astronauts again.

Houston here, Kiki, come in, Kiki do you read us?

Kiki here, reading you loud and clear

Kiki, do you remeber your instructions?

Yes, Kiki says, I feed the two pigs and keep my hands off any buttons.

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