The Top 13 Afterschool Specials for the 90s

Joeys E-Mail Joke, and His Subsequent Visit from the Secret Service
Larry Learns About Leather
My Dad is a Fifty-Year-Old Hippie and I Want Some Discipline
Its a Mall World After All
RJ Reynolds Presents: A Teenagers Guide to the Dangerous, Grown-Up and Really Cool World of Smoking
I Can Stop Anytime I Want: My Personal Beanie Baby Hell
Look Before Crossdressing
The Littlest Testicle
Binge and Purge: A Junior High Girls Guide to Staying Skinny
If You Cant Stand the Infection, Don=92t Get Your Nipple Pierced
Eschew the Powder, Zebedee: An Amish Drug Tragedy
Yikes! My Boobs are Growing!

and Top5s Number 1 Afterschool Special for the 90s…

Your Internet Friend, Billy, Who Wants You to Take a Bus to Miami By Yourself, Probably Isnt Really 10 Years Old Like You

Ruminations & Ponderances

Ill bet Julius Caesars real last words were, Ha! The jokes on you Brutus. I still owe you 5 dollars.

(Thanks to Dave Henry)

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