A canadian in a Texas bar…

A Canadian is on vacation and walks into a bar.

He sits on this HUGE stool and says to the bartender man, I heard things are big down here in Texas, but this is ridiculas! and orders a mug of beer.

He gets a pitcher of beer and asks the bartender, man, I heard that things are big down here in Texasm but this is ridiculas! and goes about drinking his beer. He orders another and he gets really pissed drunk.

Well, not too long later, he has to go to the bathroom really, really bad so he asks the bartender, Where is your washroom??? The bartender says, down the hall, second door on the right.

So the man climbs off the stool and stumbles down the hall and enters the second door to the left and falls in this huge swimming pool.

The man is struggling to stay afloat and screams DONT FLUSH IT!!!

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