An Irishman is sitting at a bar and he turns to the man next to him.

I can tell by your accent that yere Irish. Pray tell, what part o Ireland ye from?Im from Dublin the man replied.Are ye now? Well, it just so happens Im from Dublin meself. Where bouts did ye grow up?I grew up on the south side, near Malcolm Street. said the second man.Well kiss my Blarney Stone! said the first, I grew up on Malcolm Street meself. Tell me, did ye go to school around there?Aye, I went to St. Agnes.Faith and Begorrah! I went to St. Agnes meself. What yeard ye graduate?I was in the class o 67Well aint this a small world! said the first man I graduated in 1967 meselfAbout this time another man walks in and sits down at the opposite end of the bar and orders a drink. As the bartender take him his usual he says:Evening, Mike, you know its gonna be a long night when the OMalley twins get drunk.

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