At the Entrance of Heaven

Standing at the pearly gates of heaven, Albert noticed pointing to two paths.
One was marked Women and the other marked Men. He took the path assigned to

There were two more paths, one marked Married Men, the other Unmarried Men.
Because Albert had been married he took the corresponding path and then came
upon two more gates.

The right-hand gate had a sign that read Men Who Were Dominated By Their
Spouses; the other gate read Men Who Were Not Dominated By Their Spouses. The
first gate had an endless line of chaps waiting, but only one little guy stood
before the second gate.

Albert found this very interesting, so he walked up to the little guy standing
all alone and asked, Why are you standing at this gate, a little guy like you?

The smallish fellow replied, I have not any clue. My wife told me to stand

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