Baskin Robbins

Once there were two birds and they were sitting high up in a tree. They looked down, and realized that the field below was covered with worms poking their heads out of their holes. Not wanting to miss this wonderful chance to feist, both birds flew down to the field and had a grand time eating as many of the worms as they could. When they tried to fly back up to their perch, they found out that they were too heavy and their wings wouldnt lift them. They decided to lie down underneath their tree in a warm sunny spot until all of their food was digested and they could fly back up into their tree, so they waddled over to the base of the tree and lied down. While the two birds were sleeping in the sun, along came a wolf and to his surprise and excitement saw two wonderful, sleeping, unsuspecting birds that would make a perfect lunch for him. So he went up to them, ate them, burped, and what did he say?Theres nothing like Baskin Robbins!

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