Blonde getting a haircut

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This blond goes in to a salon to get her hair cut. Shes wearing a pair of headphones, and the stylist says that he cant cut her hair with the headphones on.

She replies No, you have to cut around the headphones, I cant take them off.

They argue about this for a few minutes, he finally agrees to cut her hair around the headphones, but he will have to charge her extra. She says, Thats ok, go ahead and cut it.

So he cuts her hair, and although it looks strange because of the headphones, shes happy with it. So a few weeks later she comes in again.

Again she wants her hair cut around the headphones. He says, No way, not
this time, this time Im taking the headphones off.

So he takes off the headphones and throws them on the floor. He starts cutting her hair, and a few minutes later, she falls out of the chair to the floor, dead.

He wonders what in the world is happening, so he picks up the headphones and puts them on.

He hears breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out…

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