Communication Studies Final Exam

From the people who brought you Buckets of Blood 3
yes, its the:

N. I. H. E. Dublin, Ireland

Final year exam 1989

Time: 9 am till opening time.

Candidates must not write on more than two sides of the exam paper.

Marks will be deducted for bad spelling and writing which is difficult
to read.

1. What language is spoken by French Canadians?

2. Give important characteristics of ancient Babylonian Empire with particular
reference to architecture, literature, law and social conditions or give the
first names of the Osmonds.

3. What religion is the Pope? [Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Anglican (ONE only)].

4. Who won the Second World War? Who came second?

5. What is a silver dollar made of? Gold, Silver, polyvinylchloride (ONE only).

6. Explain Le Chateliers principal of dynamic equilibrium
force or spell your name in BLOCK capitals.

7. Approximately how many commandments were give to Moses?

8. There were six kings of Britain called George, the last one being called
George VI. Name the other five.

9. Who invented Stevensons rocket?

10. Write down the numbers 1 to 10. (Marks will be deducted for every number
out of sequence.)

11. Dublin is the capital of which north-western European country?

12. Name the odd man out–Cardinal Heenan, The Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury,
Jack the Ripper.

13. Who was the winning jockey in the All Ireland Greyhound Derby 1971?

14. Who built the Great Pyramid?–Rameses II, W.B. Yeats, Wimpey, Amey
Roadstone Corporation? (ONE only).

15. In the 1973 Sheepdog trials, how many were found guilty?

16. At what time is News at Ten?–9 pm., 6 pm., Dont know.

17. Would you ask William Shakespeare to–Build a bridge, Sail the ocean,
Lead the army or WRITE A PLAY?

18. What holiday falls on January 1st?–Christmas, New Year, August Bank
holiday, St. Patricks Day?

19. Is a dunker a :

(a) person who dips biscuits in his/her tea?
(b) contraceptive?
(c) lorry for motorway construction?
(d) black person about seven foot tall and good at basketball?

20. Do you understand Newtons law of gravity? Answer YES or NO

21 Arrange the following words into a logical statement:

22 What is 69 and 69 ( one answer only )

(i) 101.
(ii) ten times your I.Q.
(iii) An NIHE party
(iv) All of the above five

23 Write a prose composition on each of the following:

(i) The wide-ranging knowledge of C.S. students on computers
(Maximum of two letters. Hint WS)

(ii) [From your employment possibilities]
The role of fast food franchises in the modern urban environment

(iii) My favourite Lecture (you may not refer to the other two in your

(iv) What the restaurant looks like

24 Approximately how many questions are on this paper (Answer to the nearest 100 if you can count that far.)

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