Count Dracula goes on vacation to Rome

We all love to travel, and vampires, too, need their rest and relaxation. What better place than Rome, thought Count Dracula, and he immediately packed his bags and set off for a weeks visit. He caught the first plane out of Transylvania and headed for the Eternal City.

Tired and hungry after his long journey, he called room service as soon as he had arrived at his hotel room. Since nothing on the room service menu seemed appealing, he simply ordered a sandwich. Dracula quickly grabbed the waiter who delivered the sandwich, bit him hungrily on the neck, drank his blood completely, and tossed him out the window, where the bloodless waiter fell ten stories to land at the feet of an itinerant street singer.

The Counts hunger was great, however, and he decided he needed room service again. He ordered another sandwich and when it arrived, he immediately grabbed the room-service waiter, bit his neck, drank all his blood and tossed him out the window. The waiter landed directly on the same street singer ten floors below the window.

Well, you may know how vampires are. They have huge appetites and Dracula needed more. He then drank the blood from a third waiter and tossed him out the same window.

When the third Italian waiter fell at the feet of the street singer, the singer could only respond by singing: Drained wops keep falling on my head.

Sandy (AKA Ms Sam)


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